Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama gaffe says it all

You want to know the state of Obama foreign policy? I dont blame you because Obama, himself, doesnt have a clue.

He said Egypt is "not an ally..." but that is absolutely not true according to his own State Department.

Of course, the White House spin machine is now set to ludicrous speed.

I have never seen an administration have to "clarify" its own statements so often.

The guy doesnt know his own policy. Thats the bottom line. Probably because he doesnt go to intelligence briefings.....

Its a disgrace and another reason this man should be tossed from office in November. If he has time to golf over 100 times, go on fundraising trips 3 or more times a week, and skip meetings with our allies, he better know basic policy necessary for the job. Im tired of his sort of incompetence.....real tired....

Arent you tired..... of bad news......about the war, about our embassies, about our allies, about our enemies, about poverty rising, about unemployment, about the economy as a whole?

Im afraid its becoming normal for everything to suck. Its only normal for Obama not America.

We can do better.

Romney/Ryan '12

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