Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After 4 years...incomplete? SERIOUSLY?

When asked what grade Barack Obama would give himself as President....after 4 years on the job.....with 8.3% unemployment, $4 bucks a gallon, and running up 6 T-T-Trillion in debt.....he gives himself.........wait for it..............


If that doesnt scream, liar or loon, i dont know what does.

The line of the day, though, comes from Obama campaign poo spewer, Stephanie Cutter. When asked if that was an acceptable answer, she soiled her soul with the grime that is, desperate Obama campaign spin, and said......yes.

Im embarrassed for Cutter and by the President. In no line of work would this amount of incompetence be accepted. In many it would endanger lives. Would you let a school bus driver who has wrecked the vehicle multiple times, ran out of gas, forgotten to pick up some kids, stole other kids lunch money, and blamed it on the previous bus driver..... keep his job?

Then why would you let someone with that record keep driving the country?

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