Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trying not to tune out

Ive looked at this screen every day this week and ended up writing nothing.

I read the news everyday, watch the media lie to help Obama and become enraged, but what is left to say?

The daily gotcha here or there is meaningless.  Obama has an economic record of failure, we are watching his foreign policy incompetence in the Middle East, and he has no plan to fix anything.  His only goal is winning reelection.

I hear Obama make this promise, or propose that new plan, but its all been said by him before, and quickly forgotten once the speeches are over.

Barack Obama is the abusive husband who promises that this time will be different. Metaphorical beating after beating, Obama tells us things will change.  Sure he has been this way his whole life, but for you, he will completely change his character.  Come on, his intentions are good.....its probably your fault anyway, right?

I could spend this time ranting on Obama's disgraceful performance on Letterman last night.  He pretended to not know the current US debt, because then he would have to admit he added 6 TRILLION dollars to it. He told America that the debt is a no big know, at least for now....while he's in office.....or some  bull that is absolutely stupid by any intellectual standard.  That statement alone disqualifies him from being President.

I could spend time worrying about some lame audio tape strategically released by an Obama apologist but ignore everything the President has said over 6 years of running for and then being President, not to mention doubly ignore everything he has done.

I could spend time quoting terrible economic statistic after depressing economic indicator proving that every possible sector of the economy is worse after 4 years of Obama policy.

I could spend post after post analyzing the major mistakes made and then lies told by this administration after the attacks on our embassies....on 9/11 no do you not see that coming?  Wait, they now admit they knew, but did nothing.  Point made, thank you.

I could spend time trying to convince you that Romney is the man that he is.....known by those whose lives he has touched, as generous beyond words, with his time and effort, not just money.  Honest, caring, and loyal to all he has come into contact with throughout his career.  The stories of Romney's positive influence on people are legendary, but ignored by a media who need to define Romney as an uncaring rich guy.

He is successful because of his character.

Obama is a failure for the same reason.

Im just a little tired of  meaningless things becoming the story of the day while the future of this country hangs in the balance.

Some times the frustration just makes it tough to stay focused.....thats where ive been this week.

Deep good......

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