Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Its NFL day and with my 394 fantasy teams to prepare, the last thing i want to think about this morning is foreign policy but, my neuroses kick in and i must read the news before i double click over to sports coverage.

The news was a predictable helping of last week's incompetence, revisited, but a few things worth note.

First, we are now being harder on Americans for partaking of their 1st amendment rights than we are terrorists at Gitmo. A bit facetious, i know, but aggravating none the less.

Second, i somehow missed this, but the US had its credit rating downgraded again in direct response to the Obama's 4th TRILLION dollar deficit and the Federal Reserves irresponsible policy of monetizing our debt. Inflation, here we come.....

Finally, it looks like the Obama administration was even more negligent than we first thought when it comes to the embassy attacks. Here is a good post on some of the information coming to light. Its not going to be reported by the mainstream media but we deserve to know the truth.

Now relax, watch some football, and enjoy your Sunday.

Tomorrow we get back to work.

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