Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Media is a disgrace

They are really doing it.

The media is coordinating a message that Mitt Romney somehow is the story while Barack Obama allows the Middle East to burn.

Its UN believe ABLE. It flagrant malpractice by Obama loving journalists who have choose their 8th grade crush on a man instead of their country.

Yahoo articles quote radical, America hating, left wing sources such as "Think Progress" (which i refuse to link to....just know that Yahoo news is a joke and regularly uses opinion blogs for sources).

Do they care that Obama went to sleep last night not knowing what was going on? Thats insane. Our President decided that while Americans were dying, he needed some shut eye?

Obama doesnt have time to meet with our only ally in the region but has time for hanging with Jay-Z and going on David Letterman.

That makes me fear for every American in every embassy all over the world. If he wins a second term....these will be considered the good ole' days.

Barack Obama is a selfish little man who is more worried about being reelected than doing his job.

I cant believe he is every getting 20% of the vote.


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