Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1979 is back

I have been saying this in conversations for months but it has never been more frighteningly obvious than today. It is now a question being asked out loud.

Barack Obama's incompetent foreign policy has emboldened our enemies.

Where is the leadership? Not in the White least until Mitt Romney is living there.

Did you know Obama plans on giving a billion dollars to help arm Egypt even after their attack on our embassy? These people are our enemy.

He even apologized to them yesterday.

Obama is half naive, half misguided, and half just friggin stupid.

This guy has got to go and November 6th is not soon enough. Who knows how many more embassies will be set on fire between now and then. Lord knows, Obama will do nothing but bend over or bend down.

These people hate us because of who we are, they use petty excuses to kill us and we worry about offending them. Well, i say, go to hell. We are not worshiping the same God if he is telling you to kill me because i believe women should be able to drive.

This would be a good time for a US President to meet with our strongest ally in the region, but Obama is too busy going on David Letterman. Yep, im serious.

Worst. President. Ever.

UPDATE:  The experts seem to agree.  The Obama led response is amateur hour and unacceptable.

UPDATE 2:  This is funny.....cause its true.

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