Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday morning links

Lots of good stuff online already today, thought id share in case you felt like reading.....

Tell us what you really think about Obama going to Las Vegas while the Middle East burned.

Obama, the "all swag, no cattle" President......Thats a pretty good way to put it, Ms. Malkin.

Im not the only one who didnt buy the Obama administration's non-denial denial about Libya.

What? Yahoo is run by an Obama fundraising powerhouse? I never would have guessed. Their news is just so fair....or horribly hacktastic and biased.....yeah, definitely the second one.

I wonder why Obama didnt get that warning about the coming attacks....hmmmm.

Maybe he was busy doing something else.....lets see what hes up to, shall we?

AND FINALLY......a cartoon to end on a giggle.....

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Hey nail, you have just been struck soundly on the noggin.

TGIF y'all

Enjoy the day.

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