Saturday, September 29, 2012

The news catches up with me....

I nailed the Obama administration to their lies on the Libya embassy attack on day....what, like 2.  It was obvious they were skirting responsibility for being incompetent and hiding behind the press as they calmly muttered..."these are not the droids youre looking can go about your business.....move along...."

Well, it looks like someone got around to reading my blog because the story was finally given a wee bit of attention.

GO HERE and watch the video.

This is a scandal that should disqualify Obama from reelection.

If given 1/10 the attention it deserves, it would show this administration's pattern of dishonesty and contempt for the American people. Whether or not the story gets legs may be up to us. If we give the media no choice by spreading the truth ourselves, they will eventually join the party if only to save face.

Share this video with everyone you possibly can...

Thanks to Ace, Right Scoop, BadBlue and Hyscience for the assists.

Also, for anyone looking for a good news site, BadBlue has the Headlines worth reading every day...check it out.

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