Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama's priorities

The more i read about the President's intense efforts to avoid doing any work while the world's leaders were in New York, the more i fume.  Oh, he stopped by and gave a speech (what else does he do?) that included some frightening quotes, but offered nothing of character, only moral equivalence and the verbose emptiness that all Obama speeches boil down to at this point.

Its a pattern of behavior with this man.  Obama is worried about being a celebrity,hanging with Hollywood actors, and golfing, than leading the world or fixing this government.  He goes out and gives his little speeches but then goes right back to watching Sportscenter instead of attending his security briefings.  Meanwhile our foreign policy is in ruins and our Ambassadors are dying.

When the Middle East starts to tear itself apart, what does Obama say......

The world is begging for leadership and our President is fundraising.  The economy is on the edge of a cliff and Obama does nothing but make excuses.....and go to fundraisers.

You know what Mitt Romney is doing today?  He is having a meeting about creating jobs with business people and Mike Rowe.  When was the last time Obama met with his so called "Job Council"....oh, i know, over 6 months ago.  It was a publicity stunt because thats what Obama cares about, publicity.

Im tired of feeling afraid for the future of this country.

Its time for real change.

Romney/Ryan 12'

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