Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FInal note of DNCC night one

Michelle Obama's speech made me ill.

The theme....believe in Barack Obama, he will save you and then he will save the country. Also, Dont worry, he is still the amazing god-like being you voted for in 2008.

There is no such thing as "shared prosperity" Its a phrase born from communism. We prosper as individuals, take care of our families and communities and those concentric circles cause a prosperous nation. The government CANNOT create wealth. It takes it from you and gives it to someone else and both of you are victimized by the transaction.

So, to sum up.

Do you believe in Obama as savior, cause you should, and you better vote for him or he cant fix the world.........just like he has the last 4 years. (I added that last part)

Thats right, you cant succeed without Saint Barack and his all powerful government.

In lieu of the empty platitudes recycled from 2008, i want you to see what Michelle Obama's speech was about....check these word clouds.

Ann Romney talked about the greatness of America, Mrs. Obama talked about the greatness of Barack. That should tell you all you need to know about both wives and the mindset of their husbands.

To anyone who hears that Michelle Obama's speech was super duper awesome and stuff. It was the same phony crap we heard 4 years ago, except now we know its untrue.

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