Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wow....the flood gates of stupid are open

The DNC convention is an embarrassing debacle already. Democrats have zero clue what made this country great. They keep offering excuses and sad debunked attacks on Mitt Romney hoping everyone is as uninformed and useless as the zombies in the audience.

Most of what they are saying is tired and barely coherent, the speakers have been uninspiring, unless your idea of a pep rally is celebrating abortion. I dont care what you view is on the subject, is it really a topic to toast to at your next shindig? At best is a sad event in your life, at worst its ending a possible life. Is any cheering appropriate?

So icky and definitely weird

For now, keep your eye on the Drudge Report. His headlines will keep you abreast of antiMensapolooza's most share worthy news. The American people MUST know what these sadly ignorant people have in store for the country if they win this election and that starts with each of us.

In fact, bookmark Drudge and check it a couple times a day. This is important stuff we cannot count on the media to report.

As of this moment, the DNC is worshiping government as religion and your only hope. It is the kind of message you expect in North Korea, not America.

Ill keep watching the freak show, so you dont have to.....

On a "seriously? its about time!" note.

Obama is finally reaping the benefits of being an under achieving arrogant tool. His personal popularity is finally falling to a level more deserving of a mean spirited finger pointer.

I love it when a plan comes together.....

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