Friday, September 28, 2012

If youve lost Pat Caddell...

The media is our biggest opponent in this year's election.  Barack Obama would be easily beatable with even a semi fair press.  Its gotten so ridiculous on NBC that they report things completely backwards from reality and when proven wrong refuse to run corrections.   They are currently pushing a story at MSNBC that is completely false and easily verifiable.....why?  Why would a company throw its credibility away for a nothing story?

They are cheerleading and smearing Mitt Romney to purposely help Barack Obama.  This is akin to government propaganda which is why the mainstream news is less trusted than ever before.

"Yeah, but you're just a whiny conservative who is paranoid.....what about Fox News?", you say...

One station versus, well, the Weather Channel, and ESPN 8, "The Ocho"

The point of this diatribe....its gotten so bad that even honest Democrats are now admitting its gone past absurd to embarrassing.  Pat Caddell is a respected Democrat and an elder statesman who is respected by people across the political spectrum.  His remarks are....refreshingly objective and...... remarkable.  .

I want to assure my fellow Romney supporters that we can win.  The news is only trying so hard to convince you otherwise because they know Obama is a horrible candidate.

So, when you hear the media telling you Obama has already won this election, know that they are lying to discourage you.

I plan to use it all as motivation and double my efforts.

Hopefully, im not alone.

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