Saturday, September 15, 2012

College Football Saturday

My stumbling, bumbling, shanking Penn State Nitily sorry i thought i heard the President say "Nitily"....he's such a sports fan....

Anyway, we face the honorable young men from Navy today, and if we are going to lose every game, today is the one i dont mind. Those boys are giving up keggers and coeds for battleships and boot camp. You gotta respect that....its friggin hardcore.

Someone comes to you and says...."Door number 1, four to five years of parties, sorority girls, living like a heathen, and other unmentionable fun......Door 2, 6 am alarms, morning runs, weekend studying, cleaning the head, and unmentionable responsibility.....your choice"
These young men picked Door #2 18 year old boys....and thats admirable times ten. Then they get to go dodge bullets or torpedoes, or other exploding nasties while the average 21 year old moves back in with Mom so she can do his laundry.

These kids are heroes in my mind.

Speaking of the opposite of a hero, Barack Obama is mere moments from being crowned the worst "jobs" President since the Great Depression. So there's that.

Enough politics for today.

Hope your school of choice plays well today.

Have pleasant valley Saturday.

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