Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dont be fooled

Ive noticed a scheduling theme at the Democratic convention this week. They have speaker after speaker who extols the virtues of socialist policy, or radical late term abortion rights, or "shared" this or that (meaning you giving them stuff). They offer up wacky activists and criminals who think illegal aliens have a right to your tax dollars, They even "Boo" God and least until primetime.....THEN

The speeches suddenly become centrist dialogues about the middle class and expanding opportunity. Publicly acceptable speakers like Bill Clinton or a repackaged Michelle Obama take center stage.

You want to know what the Democrats are saying when the tv cameras arent on.....ask the rank and file delegates who have no reason to lie for votes.

There you have it. Ban profits. The favored policy of Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Socialism, ugly and naked as it comes. Democratic party big wigs know you wont vote for socialism by name, but they hope if they give it the right coat of paint, you will buy it.

Obama's goal tonight, for his big speech, is to package big government control of your life in acceptable terms and phrases. No matter what he says....his results the last 4 years speak much louder.

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