Friday, September 21, 2012


I wouldnt believe it if it were any other administration.....

But, it looks like the story the Obama administration has been trying to sell us....  a youtube video was the cause of the riots in know, the attacks that caused the murder of a US Diplomat along with former Navy completely and utterly FALSE.

It is now being reported that there were NO protests preceding the attacks.

It other words it was a straight up terrorist attack that the Obama administration had warnings about but ignored, then LIED about to save face because it was close to an election.

Thats not even the only new scandal coming out of Libya.  I cant even get my head around this one yet so read up and ill get back to you when i have more facts.

I do know this.  The administration has been lying since day one.  They are trying to cover their butts for incompetence and irresponsible inaction.

Obama has been flying around this week doing fundraisers with rap stars,  and hanging on David Letterman, meanwhile we just had a US Diplomat murdered in a terrorist attack.

Which Presidential candidate is out of touch again?

Welcome to Friday.

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