Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years later. Are we safer?


Ill tell you what i just told some idiot online whose big argument against Mitt Romney was his bank account and where it was located.

Barack Obama has, in 4 years, undone any progress GW Bush made in making us safer.

Worse yet, he has turned his back on our allies while bowing to our enemies, both figuratively and literally.

Obama supporters keep regurgitating short sighted talking points while Obama sells out our allies in Europe, gives billions of our tax dollars to terrorist sympathizers in Egypt, blows off the leader of our greatest ally Israel, ignores the border as al-Qaeda agents are caught trying to cross (by Mexico, not us), ignores the doubling of the death rate of our soldiers in Afghanistan while pulling defeat our of the jaws of victory in the Middle East, sends other troops into a civil war in Africa, intervenes in Syria without a CLUE of what or who they are supporting, he is made to look weak and pathetic as China pushes our Democratic allies around in southeastern Asia, he offers to screw over the American people the second he is reelected by weakening our defenses to placate Putin and Russia.

He is weakening America all over the world, and our enemies are being emboldened. They stormed one of our embassies today and burned our flag.....

Barack Obama has been a nightmare for our country outside the US maybe as much as inside.

Islamist extremists are still at war with us and Obama plays golf, goes fundraising, and campaigns. Im on the edge of rage...

I need to walk away for a second before i say something i will regret.

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