Friday, October 26, 2012

You want leadership...POW! Here you go-

Mitt Romney gave pretty gosh darn perfect speech today.  I doubt the media will give it the coverage it deserves because it was more Presidential than anything we have seen from Barack Obama in months.

If there are any voters still riding the fence, this was a warm, yet assertive helping hand down off it, to the right side.  It was the kind of statement that shows just how ready Mitt Romney is, to lead this nation out of the Obama malaise.

Lead being the key word.

It is obvious now, that there will be one real leader on the ballot, positive choice.

This speech today from Romney put me over the top.  I will be voting for a candidate this time, not just against Barack Obama.

I hope voters get to see what i consider a definitive closing argument for the election of Mitt Romney.

Here is a link to the audio if you just want to listen.

Otherwise, watch it down below.

Point your peeps towards it if you can.....

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