Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keepin' the Mo'

Now that the debate score is officially in the books as straight up KO for Mitt Romney, the internet is having its fun.  I cant say im not enjoying it.

I know its just one debate, i know the election is far from over, but you know what, im going to enjoy this moment of campaign zen as long as possible.

It helps that Obama is out there today saying dumber stuff than last night....seriously, you can tell he is FUMING under that ugly smirk.  Today's Obama big campaign line...."who was that guy last sure wasnt Mitt Romney...HAR HAR HAR"  Yep, genius.

You know why Obama spends so much time attacking Mitt Romney's character, because he has NOTHING else.  Every policy argument he has made is a lie and I can prove it, and when i say "I" i mean we and when i say "we", i mean the smart people at Investor's Business Daily.

Meanwhile, Democratic policies are causing gas shortages in California, those are the same policies Obama wants to bring to the rest of the country, by the way.

Lets see what our Asian corespondent have to say on the debate....

The quote of the day goes to a refreshingly honest....dumb as a bag of potato hammers...but at least this one time, honest...Joe Biden.

Im actually starting to feel better about this election....not good, but better....

Homecoming weekend starts tomorrow here at Penn State.  Wish me luck.

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