Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama destroying middle and lower classes

One word-- ENERGY

If i could scoop out one set of policies this disaster of a President has enacted and replace them with my own, it would be in the field of energy.

BILLIONS wasted in green energy scams and failed companies, and subsidized pet projects.

Yet....those of us without a hand in the federal treasury are stuck paying staggering prices for gasoline, home heating oil, and electricity.

WHY?  Because thats how Obama wants it.  He thinks we should have to pay prices closer to the failing economies in Europe.........cause its more "fair" and because he is just dumb enough to believe the environmentalists wackos fake science. 

In the 2008 campaign he said, and i quote--

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times,"

He claimed it was about leadership yet he chooses to keep his thermostat hang around 80 in the White House.

The point is, energy prices are one of the biggest factors in middle and lower classes improving their situation and Obama has done everything in his power to raise prices.

His war on coal alone is zapping the supply of electricity available in America leading to necessarily higher prices.

So dont give me this crap that Obama cares about the poor and middle class.  In one of the only ways the President can directly effect the economy, Obama has chosen his radical leftist ideology over making life better for average Americans.

This alone proves Obama cares nothing about you, no matter your class.  Its all bunk.  

Obama sells the "i care", snake oil.  His first term proves that.  Imagine what he will do  once he doesnt have an election to worry about.

Dont forget about higher taxes, too....they're coming....for everyone....

Thats not even counting what Obamacare will do to you on January 1st if its not repealed.

I cant afford 4 more years of Barrack Obama, can you?

PS Dont forget about the extra 10 grand you owe on the national debt this year.

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