Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Down goes Obama.....Down goes Obama....

One debate, one thorough intellectual beating given to the President by Mitt Romney.

I cant begin to imagine what the media will do to take the sting out of that drubbing, but know this, if you watched the debate, you saw a man, in Mitt Romney, who was in command of details, was intellectually interested, was Presidential, and looked like the guy you want running your country.  On the other hand, President Obama looked unqualified, intellectually lost, dishonest, and petty.  A guy i dont want anywhere near leadership of my country.

Will the story be told that way to those who didnt watch?  We will see.

Ill have much more on the minutiae tomorrow, but i just wanted to pass along my glee.  Watching someone take Obama to the woodshed does wonders for stress....

Great Job Governor Romney.

The VP debate is next, on Oct 11th , i believe.

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