Friday, October 19, 2012

The state of the race

Mitt Romney is winning.....

I havent wanted to jinx things in the last week, but i feel ok saying it today.  We have had  enough polling showing Romney gaining/passing/catching/ and solidifying leads to know the race is going in the right direction as of ...Friday October 19th.

If the election was today, i think we win in a squeaker, but i dont like squeakers against the Democrat party. We have to win by a fraud proof margin and we arent there yet.  Keep talking to friends and neighbors, we have to get out every single voter possible.

Obama could easily still win this election, folks.  We cannot take our foot off the accelerator until Wednesday November 7th.

We have the arguments, the facts, and momentum on our side, but anything can happen in 18 days.  18 days ago, Obama looked like he was coasting to victory, so keep spreading the word....

Yep....thats about right....

Have a good weekend.

Hat Tip Reaganite Republican for the cartoon

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