Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The lies, the cover up, the complete disrespect for the American people....yes i am talking about the terrorist attacks in Libya, but i could just as easily be talking about the entire 4 years of the Obama administration.

The administration now admits the death of our Ambassador in Libya was the result of a planned terrorist attack.  Al Qaeda picked 9/11 to strike at the US for all the obvious reasons, yet the White House was so ill prepared that we lost our first diplomat to foreign attack in over 30 years.  We also lost heroic Marines who ran INTO the fire fight to attempt to save Ambassador Stevens.

Obama and his surrogates LIED....straight to you face for weeks.

It turns out that, not only was the security (or lack there of) in Benghazi insufficient to operating standards, but after multiple warnings of imminent violence, requests for more security and measures to defend against an attack were IGNORED.

The Obama administration has been incompetent, and worse than that, 100% dishonest about the situation throughout the Middle East.

The American media has been awfully silent on the Obama administration's failures in Libya.  Did you know that the Obama state department was arming people we knew were linked Al Qaeda.....probably the same people who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.  I had to scour foreign press to learn the truth about the disastrous policies this White House has implemented in Libya.

Obama still hasnt said squat about this debacle. His only comment was to criticize Mitt Romney for not ignoring the event entirely, like him.  Romney's comments were Presidential by comparison, and looking back, right on the nose. What is Obama's explaination for this catastrophe?  Oh, thats right, he is too busy fundraising and campaigning to fit in a press conference.

His argument for being reelected is what, again?  

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