Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our national disgrace....first hand

When America loses one of its brave soldiers, we sometimes forget that after the moment of silence, or the parade, or the 21 gun salute, there are families that must get up every day and feel the tragedy of that loss again, and again.  Mothers and Fathers who must go on having out lived their child, Wives and Husbands who must continue their life without their best friend and partner, Sons and Daughters who will grow up with half their family.

If i was President, any time i spent with those who have lost someone in the defense of our country, would be treated as sacred.  My full respect and attention is the least I could offer someone who has given so much to the cause of freedom.  I would feel honored to know these Americans and they would know the appreciation of a grateful nation in every way i could possibly express it.

Why the focus on fallen heroes today?

Well, it seems another glaring flaw in Barack Obama and his administration is their treatment of these special families.

Forget the bad economy, or the questionable foreign policy, do you want a President who treats the Father of a lost Navy Seal like he doesnt care?  Add to it, the disrespect shown by his highest level representatives, and it sickens me exponentially more than any of his petty campaign lies.

The man i am speaking about is named Charles Woods.  His son Tyrone was killed while serving during the  terrorist attack in Libya.

This is his story.  I hope you read it because it says so much more about the current occupant of the White House than any campaign season, blogger rant, ever could.

America deserves better.

Hat Tip to The Blaze and The Weekly Standard

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