Thursday, October 11, 2012

The VP debate tonight

I have had a thousand thoughts about tonight's debate between Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden.  On paper the match up screams Ryan wins, but Joe Biden has been in politics almost as long as Ryan has been alive, and the VP has been known to go to a bag of ugly, dirty tricks when need be.

Biden famously destroyed good men in Senate confirmation hearings just for petty partisan points and the camera.  The story of Judge Bill Clark is an example of how low Joe is willing to go.  Now, with his campaign backed against a wall, what wouldnt he do in order to make Ryan look bad?

I found myself on the Ace of Spades blog expressing my anxiety about tonight.

It will be hard for Ryan to "win" his debate with Joe Biden for one reason.  Biden makes stuff up.  Its hard to refute imaginary data and without a conscience to stop himself, Crazy Joe is capable of saying anything.
After his debate with Sarah Palin, half of what he had said was found to be completely false, but during the debate it was difficult to call him on it.
SO- in the heat of battle, he could make Ryan look flustered or inexperienced by throwing random made up information at him and no matter how much fact checking is done afterwards, it wont change the perception of how the things went during the debate.
Biden is a wild card....anything could happen tonight. 
Then again, and no offense to Palin, but if she could hang with Biden, Ryan should have no problems tearing him a new butt hole.
Ryan showed he can hang with the big boys at that health care forum with the President.  
My brain says Paul Ryan in a rout, my gut says be wary of Biden.....
After completing the post, i thought it would make sense share it here.  

My expectations are flying around the room like a spooked parakeet.  I almost dont want to watch the debate, but i will, with one hand over my eyes like its a horror movie....

Hopefully it is one....another last Wednesday.

Thanks to the "Great One" Mark Levin for alerting me to the story of Judge Bill Clark.

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