Friday, October 5, 2012

7.8%...yeah, and 2+2=0

So the Obama media is going giddy today with an unexpected jobs report that has the unemployment rate down to 7.8%.

Would you like the wonky economist explanation for why the drop, not only make no sense, but how the numbers dont add up?  I didnt think so, but ill link it again just in case....Some other stories-

The rat has been smelt.

Its quite a surprise to those living in reality.

The CEO abides.

No sir, it does not make any sense.

Here's your wonk link....his earlier story in linked within it.

4 out of 5 fake Republicans even agree.

A number of pundits predicted months ago that the unemployment rate would somehow get below 8% before the election.  I put nothing past this corrupt administration who runs the country like it ran Chicago.

It encourages others to break the law when it helps them, and then offers your tax dollars to help pay off the victims.  Oh, yeah, thats a thing and its happening at Lockheed Martin.

Heritage notes Obama's hypocrisy on this exact law.

Its the low information voters (ie doofae) that Obama must count on, which is sad.  If he wins it will be because he got more ignorant fools to vote than we got informed people, something this President will be proud of, right?.  All we can do is educate as many of our friends and neighbors as possible.

We still have a month to go.....

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