Thursday, October 4, 2012

1979 turns to 1980....if we let it

The last few months have had the eerie aroma of the late 70's.  Out of control gasoline and energy prices, embassy attacks in the Middle East, stagnant economy, American weakness, just an overall pessimism hanging like a dark cloud over the country.  Is it a coincidence that both times we were under the rule of a far left wing President who was elected on personality and a backlash against the GOP?

Anyhoo, last night we saw 1980 standing at the door and begging to come in.

Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama like a rented mule in the debate yesterday.  Democrats and left wing pundits are throwing every excuse possible at the wall, hoping something lessens the sting.  Even nutjobs like Michael Moore and Bill Maher admit it was a brutal defeat for Barack Obama.

Romney won because he espoused conservative ideas.  He did it with passion, full command of the facts, and an obvious confidence that comes with a belief in what you are saying.  Obama was the complete opposite.  He seemed to not know what to say, not because he had crickets chirping in his head but because he is fully aware that his true beliefs are unacceptable to the American voter.  When the President speaks from his heart we get the angry divisive language seen in that video released on Tuesday.

Also, Barack Obama is famously thin skinned and quick to run from opposing ideas so he has surrounded himself with "yes" men.  You add the sycophantic press and this is a man who hasnt had to seriously defend a thought in 4 years....really, much longer.  Last night must have been like the first time you get punched in the face....

Its like..."BLAM"....what a minute....ow....that,that was the worst thing ever....(at least until you get a kidney stone, just fyi)

Its a shock to the system and your reaction is left to instincts.  Obama's instincts are to run from confrontation so he was left uncomfortable and taken aback by the challenge.  Not the instincts i want in a President.

Have you seen any video of the best moments yet?  Its hard to choose a fav, but i like this one because it sums up Barack Obamas entire political existence.....

If you missed the debate, i strongly suggest you check it out.  It was a true measure of the men running for most powerful job in the world.  You can watch it and lots of other reaction clips over at The Right Scoop.

So, we got a glimpse of our possible future....a Reaganesque, 1980 future....will we choose it or will we continue this downward spiral deeper into 1979.  The debate made it clear who can turn this country around and it aint the current President....will we let Mitt Romney do what he does best?

Happy Thirsty Thursday

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