Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What we are up against

Ive been layin' low the last couple days.  I feel like its the 7th inning and our pitcher is throwing a no hitter.

No jinxing things.

We have an obvious momentum advantage after Mitt Romney whupped Obama in the debate, but the media is surely waiting for any crumb to pounce on and write a big comeback story for the President.  Add the utter depths of classless, desperation, the Obama campaign is willing to go, to win, and this race is far from won by the good guys.

Even if we get more individuals to vote for our candidate we could still lose.  How?  Because the other side are cheating as we speak.  Seriously.  You want to know why voter ID is necessary?

and this....

Democrats have been caught cheating time after time.  Its been so rampant in recent elections that the left wing group ACORN has been brought down over it.

In Minnesota, enough felony vote fraud cases exist to prove Al Franken probably lost his Senate election in 2008 and his 60th vote for Obamacare should have never taken place.  That vote fraud changed the entire direction of health care in this country.

That single election enough reason to require ID.  If you dont believe fraud exists you are a moron and if you think nothing needs to be done, its because you are a Democrat hack who thinks the end justifies the means. Both disqualify you from the realm of people i give a crap about.

Voter intimidation is also ok, if you are a Democrat.  The government only comes to your aid if you are a member of the right party in the Obama era.

It is IMPERATIVE that you get every single voter you know to the polls on November 6th.  We dont jjust have to win, but win beyond the margin of fraud.

Lets make it happen.

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