Friday, June 4, 2010

Some learnin's

Some tangible graphic evidence that the government does nothing but hurt the economy when it tries to "fix" it by spending money. Taking your money and spending it instead of letting you spend it is really quite stupid. First, half the money is wasted and/or lost through corruption, second, its kind of insulting being told you are too stupid to spread the cheddar yourself. What? It takes a Harvard degree to shop at the mall.

When the government spends billions of dollars to "help" some lobbied for sector of business, it make stave off the pain for a short while, but it will always be worse in the end. Kind of like a cavity, you can cover the pain with sweet pills for a bit, but really all you are doing is letting that nubber rot until it cant be saved.. A little pain early on, or you end up with an economy like ours and a mouth like the children of Deliverance.

Money grows the economy when it is earned and spent by schmoes like us. Anytime the government gets involved bad things happen....sometimes in the short term, always in the long term.

Alright...i know...i know....boring. What is all this economy stuff...its Friday, yo. I know its not fun reading but so important to the future prosperity of our nation...and more importantly to you....(ie XBoxes, PS3s, boomin' systems, sweet rims, FUBU shirts, iphones, ipads, ipods, icoolstuff galore).

The quicker we get rid of the people who think "cash for clunkers" smelled like all kinds of genius, (Democrats, liberals, the Obama administration), the quicker we will all have more money.

Isnt that all the reason you need to vote in November?

Rest of the article below, HERE @ Hot Air.

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How well do Keynesian economic policies actually work to stimulate the economy? That question has been debated for decades, and the results have been mixed enough to support either side of the debate, thanks to the complex workings of macroeconomics. Most people believed that Keynesianism had died a well-deserved death during the 1970s, when it obviously failed, but made a comeback in the desperate straits of 2008-10.

However, this time one Keynesian policy put into place offered a way to study the results without other complicating factors. The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress offered the Cash for Clunkers program as a Keynesian stimulus for auto sales, arguing that they could stimulate the industry as a whole through the expense of several billion dollars in public funds. Did it work? Coyote Blog parsed the retail sales data from the Census Bureau and discovered that it had no impact in the overall growth rate of sales after a collapse in 2008:

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