Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its gettin' hot in herrrrrr.

Seems that a bit of time off has done nothing to improve the state of....well, anything. As the summer heat creeps in, our "cool" President continues to handle the nation's mounting problems with that precious, deer in the headlights, stare. I truly think Obama figured if Bush could do the job, he could do it in his sleep. Typical mix of extreme arrogance and ignorant condescension from our first unicorn riding, rainbow farting, President, i suppose. It will not get better until control of the country is back in the hands of the competent.

Paul McCartney needs to just shut up and sing, by the way. He is a legend and i would rather remember him that way. It seems like he is trying to spend his last years on Earth solidifying ass hat status, though. Stay out of politics bud, it makes you look more clueless than Yoko Ono holding a fishing pole.

One last Obama gem....

The guy who has done nothing but power drill the economic hole we are in 5 times deeper has the nerve to point fingers at the powerless GOP again today. His party runs Congress, he ignores Republicans when they do offer ideas, and he has the nerve blame the other guy. In the really real world, Obama would probably get fired for being an incompetent, arrogant, loudmouth, who doesnt do his job, but blames the guy in the next cubicle when he is called out for it. All while breaking the biggest promise he made to get the know, " one making under $250,000 will have their taxes raised...".

At the end of Obama's 4 years, America will have no choice but to admit liberalism is a failure and reject it forever, or become the next victim of socialism and accept poverty and government oppression as their inevitable future. There is no way to do both anymore. The facts are smackin' you around like your mom's drunk unemployed boyfriend, time to run away from the beatings or accept being abused for the foreseeable future.

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