Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another ugly Obama week

The oil spill still rages....Obama plays golf and rolls around in all that campaign money from BP....A foreign leader comes to America and bashes us....Obama stands next to him and nods while showing complete ignorance (read the bill jackass) and zero leadership....did i mention he took the side of ANOTHER FRIGGIN COUNTRY against an American STATE. Dont even get me started about foreign affairs.....North Korea blows up a South Korean ship--- did you even know about that? Probably not because Obama lacks the backbone to do anything but make a stern sounding telepromptered comment and the media hasnt even made a half hearted attempt at its job since Januaryish 2009.

I only mention it because this week would be enough to ruin a Republican President. Democrats still blame Bush for Katrina even though he couldnt control the rain, the Democrat Mayor in New Orleans, or the Democrat Governor of Louisiana. Its just amazing how differently the two parties are treated.

This was all really a long winded introduction for a great piece for you consumption on a Sunday.

Take a few minutes and do some light will make you feel like a genius.

Enjoy your day.

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