Friday, May 14, 2010

Chris Christie is da man

If you want to see how a conservative should handle the press check THIS.

New Jersey finally has a chance to put out a few of their fires with its new responsible leadership and the media hates it.

I just dont understand how anyone could believe in liberal policies. They dont work.

If we split the US in two and left liberals to run one half and conservatives the other, within 5 years the liberal half would be a mess and its citizens would flock to the conservative half. The worst part is, as soon as the liberals got there they would start trying to install the same liberal policies they just ran from after their complete failure. I see this in Pennsylvania. New Yorkers, having ruined their state, have flocked to PA for years. As soon as they got here, they started trying to liberalize us and now we are in the slowly falling into the pit of financial despair that New York has taken to calling home.

Most liberals are so brainwashed that no matter how many times their ideas fizzle, flop, or flounder an area into desolation and poverty, they can move onto the next place and like a swarm of locusts, destroy everything again, and never stop for a second to realize doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is psychopathy.

I know some smart people locked into this intellectual death spiral. Makes me wonder if its some sort of disease or disorder.....what else explains it?

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