Sunday, May 9, 2010

A tale of two disasters

Imagine if while Katrina's after effects were still herding homeless people all over the south President Bush went golfing. He would have been destroyed in the press in a tsunami of hit pieces that would still be whirling about your head and neck.

Not Obama. He gets to shoot 18 holes while the Gulf of Mexico burns and pukes oil and the press says nothing. If this guy had to deal with the same treatment in the media as Bush, he would already be considered one of the worst Presidents ever. Instead he gets another pass.

Grading on a curve has sure saved Obama so far.

Barack Obama went golfing on Saturday as thick blobs of tar began washing up on the Alabama shore.

The first attempt to capture the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico failed on Saturday. BP said it could be days before another similar attempt is made.
FOX News reported:

As a massive oil leak spit thousands of gallons more crude into the Gulf of Mexico, a big box that BP hoped would be its savior sat idle hundreds of feet away, encased in ice crystals.

Thank goodness Obama has his lapdog media to cover for him. If he were a Republican he’d be finished right about now.

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