Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When did Britain decide to completely give up?

I dont even know how to classify this idiocy.

Id love the meet the waste of space that said "you know what....a playground with only concrete blocks sounds like genius"....what else is this person in charge of, i wonder.

Its one thing to forget the sliding board, but to put lots of hard surfaces in which kids can hurt themselves is the opposite of a playground on my planet.

Great Britain seems to disappoint those of us with working brains, daily, but this one has me questioning their ability to survive Darwin. Depending how quickly humans evolve, The British may stupid themselves right out of existence by the end of the century.

Just in case you were worried, they did install cameras to what the little kids stand on the concrete blocks. Big brother is watching your boredom.

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Council's £70,000 playground is 'a pile of concrete blocks'

Childen who were expecting a new £70,000 playground complete with swings and
slides have been left "devastated" after the council gave them a pile of
concrete blocks instead.

Council's £70,000 playground is 'a pile of concrete blocks'

The "minimalist" design at Diamond Hall Pocket Park includes a variety of
rectangular grey concrete blocks, described by Sunderland Council as "play

Parents had been expecting a traditional playground after they had been sent a
leaflet on the plans which showed images of a climbing frame and swings.

Instead they have been left with the task of telling their children how best
to play on the new blocks.

The park, in Millfield, has been given a makeover with money from a
£2.5million Play Pathfinder grant awarded to Wearside.

“This design also includes a CCTV camera being installed to help maintain a safe
and secure playing environment.”

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