Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mexico's President taking suck lessons from Obama

What kind of douche tool do you have to be to come to another country and bash its laws....especially when those laws are meant to clean up the mess you are creating.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is an incompetent ass who's country is such a mess that he must come here and crawl up Obama's taint and beg for help every couple months. Mexico is a giant slum with a couple of American college student sponsored resort towns scattered throughout.

The Mexican people lost their ability to have a great country when then embraced socialist government so now they want to come here and vote socialists into power. I dont get it.

STFU Calderon or im digging up Reagan to come down to Mexico and tell them what a worthless piece of clueless ass baggery you are.

Did i mention the Democrats gave him a standing ovation while he bashed Arizona? A foreign leader criticizes America and Democrats applaud?

F'ing disgusting on so many levels.

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