Saturday, May 22, 2010

Purple punk thug puppets

SEIU rank and file are the biggest bunch of brainwashed ignorant tools this side of Ashton Kutcher. Unions have destroyed some of America's biggest industries and the Democratic Party has helped them hammer nails in the coffins.

Thats bad enough but then they have the sickening gall to drive around in their short buses and terrify kids with their angry mobs.
Most of them have no clue how an economy runs or that unions have screwed more economic pooches then any one bank, but they are just pawns not meant to do anything but take kamikaze orders.

Where are the "angry mob" articles now? If this was a Tea Party group, every news channel would have covered it.....instead-- because they were left wing dirtbags harassing children, the media ignores it.

What is the matter with you SEIU people? You are sickening human debris who deserve to have your own tactics used against your family to see how you like it. Learn how to read and write before you go around accusing individuals of destroying the sad purple lemming turds.

They are being weird about the video of the SEIU jerk event so you have to go HERE to be made ill.

Seems that some lefties are trying to blame the Tea Party for SEIU thuggery now. Unbelievable.

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