Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What liberal fairy tales get you in the real world

A young high school girl was murdered in Mexico because she decided to go help illegal immigrants cross the border.

This is the left wing media's fault with an assist from a public school education, IMHO. Undoubtly, this poor girl was beaten about the head and neck with negative and untrue stories about Arisona's new immigration law in the news. You then apply the typical public school teacher's liberal agenda and you get a horribly misled child who thinks she is doing the right thing by breaking the law.

Made naive by the lack of real world facts in liberal reporting, i bet she thought going to Mexico was like a "Saved by the Bell" episode where everyone speaks English, only with a slight accent and friendly and helpful people would be around every corner.

My heart goes out to the family of this young girl. Another child let down by liberal America.

She wanted to learn how to smuggle human beings.
Instead, this pretty high school senior was murdered.
She was beaten to death. (Video-Here)

Elisabeth Mandala, one of the school’s brightest students traveled to Mexico to learn how to smuggle illegal aliens into America. She was murdered last weekend.
ABCLocal reported

A local high school student has been found murdered in Mexico, after her mother told police she went down there to learn how to transport illegal immigrants across the border.

“You know, you want to see everybody happy,” said student Shaina Ituah. “We don’t want violence. We don’t want sad faces.”

Elisabeth Mandala, 18, was found dead this past Saturday in the small Mexican town of Mina. Her body, along with those of two Mexican men, was found in a Dodge truck which appeared to have wrecked.
authorities suspected the wreck was merely a cover-up for murder,
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