Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Britain is officially gone

How can a country possibly prosper when a whole segment of the population purposely lives off government hand outs.

Its sickening. History shows that liberal policies lead to this sort of societal decay.

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£20,000 benefits so this father of seven can keep his children in video games... and pay his huge booze bill

Their loud and drunken behaviour makes the lives of their neighbours a misery - and it is all being funded by state handouts of £20,000 a year.

Residents are petitioning to have Jane and Lee Houghton, their five youngest children and a grandson evicted.

But with a new bathroom and kitchen on its way, paid for by the council, and a house filled with numerous games consoles, computers and TVs they have no intention of moving.

The Houghtons: Left to right, Chelsea, her son Dion, Lee, Summer, Jane, Chanelle and Emma

And Mr Houghton yesterday insisted they need more money.

The 42-year-old is paid £150 a month disability allowance because he has a 'personality disorder' which makes him 'kick off in crowds'. He has not worked since 1999 and says drinking alcohol helps him cope with his condition.

The comfortable lifestyle of the Houghton family is funded by benefits including £640 income support, £212 carer's allowance a month as well as Mr Houghton's £150 disability allowance.

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