Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sestak admits White House bribes

What kind of shop are they running over at the White House? Im pretty sure its illegal to blatantly offer political posts for favors....then again the press wont call Obama out on anything so why follow the rules right?

Extra extra, read all about it HERE @ Hot Air.

The worst part is they tried to disappear the only Democrat who has a shot at winning the race. How does that make sense?

Joe Sestak is running for Senate in Pennsylvania and is a left wing ideologue. He would be an awful Senator. Trust me, if he didnt think he was going to win, he would have taken the bribe. Pat Toomey would represent Pennsylvanians with class and purpose. We need men like him in government right now to stop Obama from digging a hole we cant climb out of, even once we are rid of him.

So....everyone say it with me....

Pat Toomey for SENATE!

Thank you and i approve of this message.

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