Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free money......... and other misleading headlines

I find it hilarious that even though the media has no ammunition to fire at Sarah Palin, they refuse to stop trying to make her look bad. Look, you can disagree with her on some issues, thats fine, but this narrative that she is some stupid Alaskan hick who hang at the big boys table is complete bull.

Your example of dishonesty through media bias for today.

The mainstream media has all but removed the mask at this point, its unapologetically far left liberal. Its okay to see what they are saying....i do every day, but you must understand that much of their "hard news" is tainted by far left ideology and a hatred for all things different from them. Once you are aware of the prism you are looking through, you realize the world is much different than youre being told.

Dont take my word for it. Go. Find stuff out. Prove me wrong. I encourage it.

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