Monday, December 6, 2010

Be ugly....its for charity

What in the world would possess people to be this insane.

Some wacked out feminist group is urging chicks to grow a unibrow for "their choice". Whatever that means.

Cant grow a unibrow, you problem... suggests acquiring a real one using herbal remedies or merely faking one with an eyebrow pencil.

Why dont feminists realize men will do anything for a hot chick. If they want us to support their causes, they need to be less fugly, not more.

It makes me think there is one giant unibrow havin' angry feminist in charge somewhere. If you cant beat 'em, have them join you by making them hit themselves in the face with the ugly stick a few times. Its genius in a way. Do you think i could get everyone to walk on their knees to support some cause so i could be the tallest guy in the room?

Hmmmm....something to think about, i guess.

One last thing-- In case you werent 100% sure, ladies. Unibrows are nasty, and the most effective way to immediately make everyone flaccid in your presence, but hey, if thats what youre going for....

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