Friday, April 27, 2012

Testing 1, 2.....


Wait, what year is it?     2012?!?!    TWENTY TWELVE??!?!?!

Ive ignored my blog for over a year? Call it Obama fatigue. Ranting about the state of the nation as our fearless leader squeegees it down the public jon, was just tedious, but now....

 I SAY, But Now!

We are about 6 months out from election day. What may be our last chance to get off this freeway to socialism and tyranny, not to mention incompetence and insanity. I feel its my duty to get back in the game.

Today, i realized Blogger had become property of Google (Yay?) and i wanted to stick my toe in before jumping head first into the pool.

So....get your cameras ready....the show is about to begin....again.

 I apologize for anyone who has faithfully checked this spot and found nothing for a long, long, time.


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