Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Methaphor of the Day

Two children sit the back of a car. Libby and Connie.

Libby pinches Connie so Connie calmly tells their Mother (named Media) of this and Mother dismisses it. Libby then pokes Connie. Again, Connie calmly notifies her Mother and is told to quiet down. Libby now starts to get bold, she pinches Libby again, this time followed by calling her a stupid face. Now Connie starts to get upset, she urges her Mother to force Libby to stop, but Mother tells Connie to stop being a tattletale.

Libby is further emboldened. Now she pokes, pinches, hits and calls Connie a name she learned from watching network TV. Mother finally reacts by asking what Connie did to inspire such anger from Libby. Connie claims nothing but Mother doesnt believe her. She then comforts Libby and tells her to not allow Connie bother her. Libby smiles as she realizes that there are no consequences to any of her actions. She unleashes pinches, smacks, pokes, names, hair pulling, and even a bite on Connie.

Connie had enough. She screams for Libby to stop, sticking a finger in her face as she threatens to defend herself if Libby raises another hand towards her. All the sudden the car screeches to a halt.

Mother gets out and comes to the back seat. Thinking she will finally be defended Connie breathes a sigh of relief as the door opens.


Mother tears into Connie calling her an instigator and a troublemaker. Asking accusing questions and demanding her to behave. Mother denounces Connie's threats of violence and is told she will be punished when they return home. Finally, Mother asks Connie what must be wrong inside her head to behave in such a way. As she turns to go back to the front seat she asks Libby if she is okay and offers her the reward of sitting in the front seat in order to "protect" her from Connie.

Connie can only sit aghast and wonder what kind of world she lives in.

Conservatives live in this world.

PS If the metaphor is too convoluted to understand, i apologize.

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