Thursday, March 25, 2010

You snooze you lose

I slept a bit late today and missed all kinds of goodies....

The Democrats are seem quite happy being the party of lies and corruption... now they are also the party that gives Viagra to pedophiles.

Speaking of rejecting all thats good, here are a list of amendments, many of which are just common sense or helpful to the middle class, that the Democrats have rejected. This one alone is a "SERIOUSLY!?!"

All the anger and violence is on the left....need a list?

Speaking of....what some symbolism. The Democrats went looking with cameras hoping to goad someone into exchanging words with them but still had to lie about being called names, meanwhile Eric Cantor had his office shot at. He isnt the only Republican who is actually dealing with the nuts on the left. There are so many Democrat lies its hard to keep track of....

I imagine we will see many, many more stories like these....

Great Britain is lost. The only keeping them from all giving up and dying is soccer.

Democrat hypocrisy is so blatant is almost funny.....almost.

A story about how, strippers are losing their right to a living in Massachusetts was interesting. I think protecting the rights of unpopular minorities (smokers, strippers, fish manicurists) is absolutely vital if you want the freedoms you care about protected in the future.

This gives me hope for the future. As long as African Americans are voting for Democrats by 90% to 10% they will be taken for granted by liberals. Its time to bring them home to the party of Lincoln and give them a true voice in America's future.

Finally, on that point, this clip makes me smile. Kevin Jackson should be America's future, not Barack Obama.

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