Monday, March 15, 2010

Bravo Ozzie!

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

Ozzie Guillen can be a little out there but this redeems every nutty thing he has ever said in my book.

“Oh my god sean penn defended our president hugo chavez thats easy when you no live in venezuela and have money lol is a joke shame on you”

“Oh god you are very crazy go and move to our country you will change you mind”

White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, a Venezuelan native, calls Sean Penn a “stupid leftist’ and “clown.”
The Chicago Tribune reported, via FOX Nation:

The outspoken White Sox manager called Penn a “payaso” (clown) and “izquierdista estupido” (stupid leftist) on Twitter Friday for his praise of controversial Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

“Oh my God, Sean Penn defended our President Hugo Chavez,” Guillen, a Venezuela native, tweeted. “That’s easy when you [don't] live in Venezuela and have money. LOL…shame on [you].”

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Anonymous said...

another reason to be a sox fan

i never knew ozzi had a brain for stuff outside of baseball

he does.