Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I must wonder.

News is all over the blogosphere today about Obama expanding oil drilling on the east coast of the US. If this is the common sense move it initially seems to be, i applaud Obama and give him a spirited "Atta boy!" pat on the back. Of course, i have my suspicions and am sure the sneaky details will do more harm than good.

Reaction has been all over the map.

Republican leaders are saying it doesnt go far enough.

One of my fav Conservative bloggers is exposing the those sneaky details.

Lefties are also wondering what was the carrot and how big is the stick.

Young environmentalist zombies are naturally throwing down their XBox controllers in rage.

The professional enviroweenies are split. I imagine some want to defend the "Obamamessiah" to keep their left street cred.

Finally, ill leave you with the Hot Air take, which is always worth a read.

This will be one to watch.....

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