Thursday, March 11, 2010

People's Republic of New York

Just when you thought New York's nanny state government couldnt be anymore ridiculous....BLAM!

You just arent smart enough to handle those evil salt shakers yourself.

I sounded the warning bells years ago when i predicted that once you allow the government into your private business to ban anything...even smoking....they will run rabid on your freedom like a tween at a Twilight premiere. You can not give liberal politicians an inch or they will take...well eventually, everything.

I imagine they wont ban salt per se, just force restaurants to hide it behind the counter and require you to show ID and sign for they can keep track of just how much salt you are asking for....that way if you have been getting "suspicious" amounts, the police can raid your house and take your grandmother to jail or something else know like when you have a cold.

Im actually surprise anyone is even making some noise considering the silence while New York's lost 18.4% of their freedom over the past few years.

I love it when New Yorkers have had enough and move to Pennsylvania. They come to PA and help elect the same radical leftists that ruined New York and then complain as they destroy this state too. Its beyond insane.

I dont know why anyone would live in New York anymore.

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