Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matt Lauer says "It's Yummy!"

Guys like this tool are the reason Obama skates by on 3 brain cells and teleprompter. Ace of Spades nails it.....all we learned from the dingleberry munchin' Matt Lauer's interview is that he enjoys the taste of Obama's hole.
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Matt Lauer Asks the Tough Questions: Mr. President, How Can You Be So Awesome In the Face of Such Racist Hatred?

People say that Obama did really well during the campaign.

Bear in mind, this was the sort of question he was asked by the media. It's sort of hard to blow a question about how awesome you are.

auer also asked Obama how he will be able to overcome the Republicans to get anything done: "The vitriol, the rhetoric, the sniping, the threats, how are you possibly going to continue with any kind of legislative agenda when your opponents have said to you, 'I'm not gonna cooperate with this president, with these Democrats, unless it's a matter of national security.' How do you move on?"

The interview wasn't a total waste -- Lauer came away with a minor scoop: Obama's ass tastes like boisenberries.

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