Thursday, March 18, 2010

*Chirp* *Chirp*

If a man hangs Obama in effigy and no one reports it, is it racist?

Turns out someone in that Rhode Island school district in which all the teachers were fired has hung Obama in effigy. Now its not that i even care, the things they did to Bush were considerably worse but whatever....its freedom of speech. Here is what i care about, if someone at a Tea Party or someone associated with the Tea Party movement had done this what do you think the main steam media's reaction would have been.

If you said 24 hour news coverage and analysis for multiple days followed by every race baiting Al Sharpton type calling for universal denouncement of anything Tea Party for all eternity while cries of "racist!" flowed like cheap beer at a frat party. You would be correct.

Maybe i am wrong and this story will blow up any minute now.....i wont hold my breath considering that hid the incident in a story entitled "Decision makes schools chief loathed and loved". I guess i should be happy the incident even made the article.

What. Ever.

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