Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pants on fire

Why would a President offer obviously fraudulent evidence in such a high profile debate? Is it a complete disrespect for the intelligence of Americans? Think about it. You are asking the American people to trust you with their health and you tell a sophomoric lie in an attempt to persuade them.

In Obama's 3,749 health care speech yesterday he told the sob story of Natoma Canfield, a cancer patient with no insurance. She is sleeping on the side of the road eating bugs while her cancer destroys her from the inside out because we dont have Obamacare....well actually she is in the hospital receiving treatment. No, Mr President, she wont end up homeless because of medical bills, not to mention the financial aid she is likely to get.

She was used as a prop and its a sad commentary on the depths Democrats are willing to go in order to invent an argument for their destruction of our health care system.

But remember-- Bush lied.


This story is making the rounds but i first saw it at Gateway Pundit.

Also check AnotherBlackConservative and Ace of Spades for their takes and some video.

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