Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Could Sean Penn BE a bigger moron?

Just in case you missed this idiocy, i offer, for your entertainment, one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said.

Im paraphrasing but you can read the exact quote at the link....

"If you call Hugo Chavez a dictator you should go to jail."

Penn has been a useful idiot for these 3rd world Marxists often in the past. Even writing loving articles about the Castro brothers.

This though, proves Penn isnt just misguided and stupid, but either mentally challenged or mentally ill. Only a complete divorce from reality or drug fostered brain damage could allow Penn to purposely triple Lindy into this intellectual black hole.

Let me try and simplify this...

He watched a guy steal cookies from his people, praised him for the stealing cookies and now wants anyone who accuses him of stealing cookies put in prison. This smells awfully like dictator perfume, if im not mistaken. He has to be crazy or somewhere behind Forest Gump on the brain train to miss the giant irony bomb that just blew up Spicoli's van.

Speaking of Forest Gump....he has been doing his part to continue the stereotype of stoopid liberal Hollywood actors.

Seriously?!? What makes these professional pretenders so inclined to brain damage....and so loud and proud of it? Im talking to you Matt Damon.

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